So I was trying to not drink like 7 drinks every day, and the second old subbydoo tries to give the liver some shut eye, all these donation boxes show up:

Thanks to the magnanimous fellas at Good Beer Hunting for this rad package, gonna be cranked out and double filter this Shit through an aero press.

Thanks Maldonado for more Hoofjuice to round out the upcoming review and dank Ohio Drew Caret certified club jams.

Thanks to [anonymous party redacted] for the wutang aged fap residue, and I thought he was joking about a blueberry coffee our bruin. I WROTE IT DOWN IN MY JOURNAL.

Thanks to my own cellar for providing me with this shit, Arthur about to bust a mag off in that NoeNoe.

There’s really no substance to this post, just a few photos and braggadocio bullshit, whipping up site traffic, other beer blogs pass this off as original content so what the fuck, right?

Be on the lookout for DDB’s holiday pairing guide, with the same predictable shit arranged on a piece of wood with DSLR photos of arbitrary foods coupled with widely accessible beers. 

Peppermint bark and Black Ops, who gives a shit.

One thought on “It’s a Tixxxmas Miracle: DDB LIVER DESTRUCTION DONATION DRIVE

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