Money on the dresser, drive a compressor, top notch tickers like to fux w Mott the lesser.

Some have heralded this as the rebirth of Kate the Great, pushing air into the lungs of a whimsical bygone era of partially oak aged stouts.

For context I may have to explain to my readers that five years ago people would drink non-BA stouts with careless abandon. The simplicity of a regular A cup stout was sometimes buttressed with a coffee addition and that was about it, a BA stout would be something you dust off for a tasting. In this framework Portsmouth’s Kate the Great was the proto forebearer of lotteries and anal fissures that are readily accepted in modern parlance, but then it was exceptional. People would Indian burn their cocks for a pretty good stout aged on port soaked spirals. That’s just how things were, and there were trolley cars and this was all orange groves and everyone had a photo of Franklin Delano, etc.

So fast forward to the spiritual successor to Kate, but in a spoiled, jaded, capitalistic beer society in dystopian ruins. Honestly this beer is probably much better than the 22oz KtG’s that we would whimsically sip under the first Obama administration. It has more body, fudgey goodness, whoppers and muddled kit Kat(e)s. The barrel presence, clocking in at 2 months, partially aged, is modest even by North Caolina standards. The result is a perfect model for the spoiled assholes of the current consoles beer generation and the stalwarts from stouts past. It exists in many ways as a regular ris with Barrel aged leanings, existing in neither realm like that nebulous Abyss occupied by…the Abyss.

This is a very good beer, certainly unique and worth your calm appraisal. Some will knock the roast and gentle execution, almost Scandinavian in aplomb, the middle class Kaggen, struggling for recognition in a period of blunt palates and impatient gratification.  The label is dumb, the marketing is not fanciful, you didn’t have to get a face tattoo to be able to buy it: it is a throwback to the best of the past and I wouldn’t alter this in any way.

“can you believe people used to drink this apricot shit?” – Ehammond [fn1]

I highly recommend that you cut a slice of your Regal Rye berry sea salt seeking attention to land this awesome beer.




[fn1] not an actual quote

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