Grimm creamy turbidity got me Tesserect

Inb4 “glass Wales.”

After sampling the chewy gristy “matter in substrate” from Trillium, these awesome Grimm cans seem downright hoplemic by contrast, in a fantastic crushable manner. The tangerine and mandarin oranges make a return and serve like a warm approving hand on the shoulder of the oily conifer and chard underpinnings of the hops themselves.

The mouthfeel is lamentably a touch too thin and the tepid middle body from the carb underscores this problem, but the execution can’t drag down what is undeniably a well crafted beer. If anything it reduces complexity in favor of drinkability, which some may prefer in an IPA 4 pack regardless.

The immediate impulse is to compare it to something in line with this:

Whereas Trillium seems to be  pushing for heft and depth, Tesseract seems to be hitting an easy going elevator conversation with pithy clementine recaps of the weekend. There’s a place for both in my alpha acid soaked heart.
Well done Grimm, now if only there were an analogue readily available in west coast markets-

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