I loved center cut and then they drop this apeshit version. Incredible. Bookers.

I loved center cut and then they drop this apeshit version. Incredible.

Each one of these one-offs have been awesome, and each comes with a weird little tale:

““This one-of-a-kind label pays tribute to a Noe family story that’s been the topic of conversation among our family for many years, and I’m thrilled to share it with Booker’s fans like you. I’ve always been fond of cooking with bourbon. Years ago, as I was preparing a pork roast, I mistakenly reached for a bottle of my husband’s namesake bourbon. Due to the bourbon’s high proof, the oven sparked and the door flew open, much to our surprise! “Oven Buster Batch” is a true testament to the uncut and unfiltered1, full-bodied whiskey that my husband preferred, and I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as he did.” –Annis Wickham Noe
Wife to Frederick Booker Noe II”

Other will likely object, but this is one Bookers bottle that doesnt outright REQUIRE water, a light splash maybe but it has enough balance and wood to make the massive proof not overwhelming.  It is syrupy and pecan pie with cream of wheat brown sugar, the oak finish is long and dry with a touch of cinnamon red hots. No one cares about these sleepers, thank god.

Please don’t buy this. Go seek orvw or whatever people who read Esquire magazine drink.

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