Bruery Black Tuesday Reserve, this beer will Tarantino your life. Chronology destroyed.

It is sweet justice for the Bruery to start dropping the most apeshit Hoarders-only bottles almost immediately after the enrollment period for 2016 closed. The pangs of FOMO resonate anechoic in the chambers of unfaithful traders’ hearts. So what kind of BT riff do we have today? Did they add [insert hot additive of the week]? No sadly there is no peanut butter or anguiliiuili chilis, not even any pecans. Those snake oil salesmen at the Bruery are oddly relying solely upon their brewing and blending techniques, WHAT IS THIS 2010 AMIRITE???

Let’s let some communications major who wrote this copy get you tumescent: “For years, Black Tuesday has needed little, if any, introduction. But Black Tuesday® Reserve is a different matter entirely. Brewed in early 2014, Black Tuesday Reserve was aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months and then racked into a second collection of bourbon barrels, where it rested until bottled in autumn 2015. The double barrel-aging process of the 20.5% ABV beer has made it even more decadent while intensifying its characteristics, with flavors of dark chocolate fudge, sweet vanilla beans, bourbon-laced macaroons, sticky caramel, brown sugar, and German chocolate cake frosting.”

Dat registered trademark flexing hard. But in all seriousness, this is a legit double BAL that has served a hard 18 month bid in the Bourbon shu. We aren’t talking about some bullshit mislabeled “component blend” that drives entry level tickers nuts, a legit barrel transfer like DBD and DBH. They were gonna call this DBT but that sounds too much like EBT and Hoarders like to pretend that they have their finances out of the welfare realm.

First and foremost: this beer has excellent carbonation. Anyone who has hazarded a true double barrel endeavor knows that they are often flat in execution. The heft of this beer is evident as it cascades out with a self adhering viscosity like Mercury at room temperature. The mocha foam subsides into deep blackness like when you slay heartless with the key blade. Sora about to be fully blunted.

The nose is oddly less lively than regular BT and instead lends long lacquer, oak, cut lumber, vanilla bean, chocolate cream pie, some pralines and a toasty hot solvent closer. The slight ethanol waft is a warning sign in the wild, like the marking on a monarch butterfly, this is not to be fucked with.

The taste is not nearly as hot as the degree to which my rectum was puckered in preparation. What a clunky horrible sentence, business as usual over at ddb.  The cocoa and coconut lead with a slickness that imparts a touch of heat along the bicuspids, sheeting releases a dry macaroon dipped in espresso, the oak resonating long like the bell of drunk detention. 

This is a long and slow enjoyment curve with the depth and hazards attendant to struise Double Black. It never becomes unmanageable or overstays its welcome, slow and steady sips allow this beer to open like a time lapse flower, turgor pressure at different temps parting the wet folds.


Let’s call it “eh 25%?” Better than the already awesome 2015 BT. Which is to say, you would be remiss to skip this or write it off as a “abv for abv sake” hat trick. This is that 2016 Lean and your double cup awaits.

When you get hit in the testicles really hard you feel it in your stomach. The inguinal system linked with the lower intestine alerts your body something noteworthy has occurred. Failing to renew my Hoarder’s membership is that Tory Birch flat deposited squarely in my nutsack. This is likely the best beer that Bruery will roll out this year and I am standing on the dock watching that $700 exclusive ocean liner pull away with all manner of decadence afloat. This is an absolutely necessary beer to try for palate calibration and if only because nothing else really exists like this. 

Dip your tiny pen in this black inkwell, just the tip.

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