Analsmith Reforged and Ba decadence. I am so hung over my body feels like pipe cleaners dipped in mallowfoam

I went into this expecting a more nimble/Jenny Craig version of Melange 3 and this definitely did not disappoint. By making a voltron of arguably three of the best component Ba beers around, they knocked it out of the park. The end result is almost greater than the sum of its parts: melted caramel, vanilla, whoppers, long blast of oak and refined booziness to the closer. 

The only disappointment would be that the coffee and roast of the speedway contribution gets lost in the fray, but it is a welcome trade off because each blended aspect brings structure and validity to the endeavor. The sweetness from the wee heavy balances the hop profile of the old numbskull and speedway grips the reigns lovingly and directs this gilded Barrel carriage down the thoroughfare. 


I thought the base beer for this was pretty lackluster and forgettable, but in classic analsmith form, their barrel program is unmatched and made something entirely new. This is the film trope equivalent of taking the glasses and hair tie off of the nerd and the prototypical “hot chick” reveal is complete. The sweetness is tempered by this agile alcoholic profile and mild heat. There’s buttered biscuit, creme brûlée shell, and lady fingers soaked in bourbon. Their barrel program consistently transmorphs forgettable Decadence shelf offerings into compelling original gems.

If you took Surly Syxx or Hell Dorado and sanded the rough aspects from their threadbare banisters, you would be left with this noteworthy foray into an oft-overlooked style. Start boxing up the zombie dust now, get out those big guns.

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