Bruery release roundup: Humulus terreaux, two cask bts, Imperial cabinet, melange 3, and ukele.

Alright now that the window to buy these is closed, time to pointlessly do a retrospective for all the assholes who prod me to make their consumer decisions for them:

Humulus terreaux: I had no idea what this was going to taste like and set expectations to “dredge.” Thankfully this is akin to an even better version of Jardinier and is essentially a lightly hopped, grassy, svelte Biere bu pays that is all knees and elbows. If you like all of the Petit XXXX variants from De garde, or was a fan of the likes of Noble King/Dorothy, this is essentially an even thinner more crushable version of that. 

Humulus lager: legit as usual, I don’t have shit to say about this that I haven’t already praised.

Imperial cabinet: when I saw a massive abv “gin fizz” cocktail inspired beer, my testicles receded into my inguinal cavity. This actually came out pretty delicious and never goes too herbal, never too sour, never too fusel, and operates exactly as advertised with a light sweetness like Caro syrup and woodruff on the acidic closer. It sounds odd, but the mouthfeel saves it. Worth a spin for sure.

Melange 3: holy ethanol nightmares, this is a drag strip racer running slicks with side piping. This is not only the hottest but also one of the thinnest and worst m3’s vintages to date. In a solid year once the beer becomes more integrated this will be great but it feels like it simply was not ready for release, and I don’t have that vulva palate, I can handle taking rock salt slugs of heat to the chest. The only payoff is that this is the least sweet m3 I have ever had so dipshits who make unfounded assertions about saccharine can rub their tip on this. This just missed the mark for me, but with time it should become more structured and less aggro-lopsided. 

Ukele: this beer was nightmarishly big, oddly executed, sweet and hot in varying degrees, not quite a big beer and falls short of a great sour. Split this freely as you will get a platinum trophy if you take this down solo. Thick, spicy, syrupy, and clashing like rubbing bourbon soaked SOS pads together. I can’t recommend this in clear conscience to anyone as this is one of the worst Bruery beers to come out this year.

Black Tuesday truffle with berries: this was muddy, fruity, sweet and bitter at the same time like those chocolate covered blueberries you buy at Whole Foods. The cake profile of course killed the mouthfeel and the carb was dead still, it seemed like a distracting wing and side skirts tacked onto the already awesome 2015 BT. The sum is less than the whole of its parts.

2015 Black Tuesday: this vintage bangs hard on chrome hydraulics, almost 20% Rockford fosgates pounding hard in a barrel band pass box in the trunk. This is the thinnest, most drinkable, and most noteworthy vintage of BT. This oddly sets dark roast over sweetness, and feels like the first vintage since 2009 that I could take down solo, which doesn’t make any sense and seems downright dangerous. 

Mocktail BT with cold brew and simple syrup: this was simply all undiluted cold steeped coffee. If you love that intense, unstepped on profile of undiluted cold brew, you will love this massive bean grinder. Again, because the base BT is so fucking good this year, every else seeks to gild the lily.


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