Let’s review some q3 Bruery beers. Argh, prairie rue, ride that goat, brueraide. Close that xHamster Tab

Alright let’s take it from the top, simple and without pageantry, since everyone has already made that Sophie choice whether or not to re-up their membership this year. Godspeed:

Bruer-aide: this is basically Hottenroth with a sea salt air intake, and a lemon zest ground effects kit. No noticeable gains to horsepower but it is exactly what it says: a 3% abv crusher that tastes like Lemon lime Gatorade. The type of shit you would see Degarde selling for $5 a 750ml with 12 different hopped versions.

2010 Ba coton: holy fuck this is a slice from the Tyler golden age of bruery lore. If you have had Ba 2 turtle doves recently you know how fuxking mindblowing these beers have become. It is liquid sugar daddies and raisinettes, caramel crew brûlée and brown sugar. It is a component blend of Adam from the wood and Kuhnhenn bb4d. If you see anyone offer this up for trade, holy shit jump on it.


New traders tryna get into hoarders be like-

Aaarrrggghh!!!!: this is a hoppy coconut Pilsner made with rice. If you were around to try the forgettable Run bmc (run MBC?) in 2011 then you’ll know this beer right away. There’s an oiliness to the mouthfeel, and that’s about it. A hoppy Pilsner that is approachable to novice drinkers and Hinge dates alike. 


Chaise them walez.

Prairie rue: bruery jumped forward in the farmhouse game with the ubiquitous new tonelleire and this is a dingy driven backwards by the force of consumer sighs. Full taut sail. It is by no means bad, but it is earthy and herbal, lacking distinction in any direction, a Michael bay film that hits the three act structure and turns a profit and logs some IMDb credits. There’s a notable orange zest and cantaloupe rind at the end but that’s about it. It is fine I guess.

Ride that goat: this is actually really fuxking tasty. If you don’t like the daunting abv and sweetness of melange 3, this is slimmer, faster, slicker and imparts that same massive bourbon and bitter oak character. Every year bruery makes a sleeper hit that no one orders (smooth criminal cough cough) and this is the one that will absolutely kill it with time. The description sounds wonky but trust me, it drills like Slim Jesus.  

So that’s it. I already gave you my lunch money what more do you want from me?

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