Ddb reviewed Mexican Coffee Cake using the stringent, 150 character minimum, new Beer Advocate standards 

“Mexican coffee cake is essentially cake with a touch more roast, light acidity and less pronounced peppers. Cinnamon shines more, some prefer regular.”

A masterpiece of erudite contributions, only now will the numerical scores from falsely inflated homer reviews hold any gravitas, after composing over a TWEET LONG review. Adding this high bar of contextual excellence will surely prevent the Pakistani hired spammers from boosting the ratings on Lengthwise beers.

No one with artificial hopes of inflating and flipping beers will go through the trouble of composing such a lengthy epoch of material simply to drop hot 5’s. A bulletproof system for top tier opinion gathering is upon us.

A fantastic new paradigm of order and beer based insight has arrived, 150 discrete characters at a time.

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