Alesmith BA Wee Heavy is right next to Logsdon oak aged bretta on the “top 5 most slept on releases” in the game right now

I love that this could easily be mistaken for a baller ass Barrel aged ENGLISH Barleywine, but close minded tickers see that “Wee Heavy” and stay at bay.

If maybe you didn’t love barrel aged old numbskull due to the hop interplay, this will rope you back into toffee, rolos, sticky coconut barrel aged goodness. There’s a bit of toasted profile to it, but it is more like a creme brûlée shell meets werthers original.

I pray that people continue to overlook this, that alesmith discontinues proxies, that ISIS disbands, and that the upcoming bourbon county release is a mutually assured destruction for all of the very worst people in the beer game.

I can only dream.

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