Guys good news: Block 15 Super Nebula is well on its way to being completely infected. If you love bourbon aged stouts with a tawny port character, this one is a MUST TRY

If the sharp nose doesn’t reel you in, the increasingly thinning, lightly tart body of this stout will seal the deal.

Block 15 makes some incredible beers,  golden canary was mind blowing and their wild ales are top notch. It is sad to see that this beer either has technical flaws or it completely missed the mark. It isn’t quite Hellshire II yet, but it is somewhere in the realm of 2010 barrel aged stone IRS in red wine vinous evolution. 

The drain was satiated with ambrosial chocolate tartness and the thronging masses raised garlands in praise of the cascading mocha foam.

PNw traders about to hit old DDB with some mean tweets. Typical.

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