Oh Baby. @bissellbrosbrew two way: Baby Geniuses was Randy Travis’s finest cinematic role, iconic as the control room operator. 

a session ipa and a SUPER session ipa. I didn’t make the second one up. Srs

If you already are well-versed in the realm of ponto sipa, Lagunitas day time and easy Jack: you basically have your feet wet for this ultra accessible, simple, clean, lightly piney vegetal romp in the arugula fields.

With temperatures like there’s I could smash these all day and flip my riding mower into a ravine like a true American. North East BALLERS have a solid staple with this drillable go-to hydrater.

This shit is a completely different story:  
This is a “super session ale” that clocks in at 2.8% abv.

I am not shitting you. At least with the Petite like from De Garde you knew you were basically drinking wheat Gatorade and left it at that. This is like a second runnings beer from a regular ipa. Is this for people who need to be drinking while also operating forklifts?

The taste is as one dimensional as a Rob Schneider performance, but unlike The Hot Chick, it is enjoyable. It is obviously watery, offers up a limp wristed jab of chives and romaine and closes without and lingering flavor.

It does exactly what it sets out to do but it makes me wonder if we really need this type of offering. In the same way where I see DuClaw making a 20% sticky sweet Colossus, it makes me question who exactly is the target demographic for this beer. If that is you, then drink up and move those palates of air conditioner units and pay your union dues.


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