Ddb shouldn’t be stroking @smogcitybeer this much but, I’d be surprised if this isn’t one of the top 10 beers from 2015.

My prior pour was on draft and I think I like the tannic dry closer of the bottle version even better. I don’t know if it was a produce sourcing issue, cost, or just intentionally low yields but only making 240 bottles of this is a criminally unfair move.

Thankfully people appear to be actually drinking these and the chum is not in the water yet so if there is another release the scoops will not be insubstantial. There’s a certain DeGardey imperial fruited bu undercurrant to this beer but unlike those Tillamook BALLERS the acidity presents itself in skins and pith not the actual fruit itself, resulting in an almost brackish MALBEC swallow. 

Smog City is doing a flanders red with cherries next month called Spittin and Cussin and part of me hopes it is acetic or puts forth a red wine vinegar aspect so I can regain some credibility and stop praising these Torrance minxes.


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