Bottleworks XII: except even better- @thebruery Beret is ridiculously good even by shameless apologist standards

I wish the bruery email just said “it’s Bottleworks XII: except even better” so I didn’t fuck up and not buy enough. This might be their best beer this year, God damn. This seems to continue their model of making the most readily available beers the best in their catalog and saving hot messes like Flanders Giant exclusively for the Hoarders.

Beret takes all the frothy raspberry goodness of BWXII and makes it more nimble drier and dries out the gristy mouthfeel a bit and the result is an endlessly crushabe beer. Right when I popped it I was like “wait a fucking second-” looked at the label and realized what had happened. At 9% this is endlessly drinkable and I only wish that I knew before sales closed on this as I will be scooping up as many bottles as possible.

Oh also:

Filmishmish is banging this year. No purée or off flavor issues, just intense apricot and acidity with a touch of acetic aspects that never go over the line. Given the low cost of entry you would be remiss for skipping this awesome beer this summer.

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