RYE VS RYE CAGEMATCH: @Michterswhiskey Single Barrel 10 year Rye vs. Barrel Strength Rye, IT’S GONNA BE SPICY

Alright we have been to Japan and stomped all over the verdant grasslands of VerdeMont, let’s bring some down home earthiness back to this tire fire of a website: RYE REVIEWS. Today was have a double header shootout, some Michters on Michters action, M4M NSA encounters.

On one hand we have an old favorite which has been out of production for a few years: single barrel 10 year michters rye. On the other reach around we have a brand new upstart in the Michters limited release catalog: a barrel strength rye weighing in at 112.2 proof. TWO SPIRITS YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT DUKING IT OUT TO THE DEATH.

Pop a roggenbier and get your pussyface ready for today’s shootout

Basses, Michter's.  Papillons.  What else do you need in life?

Basses, Michter’s. Papillons. What else do you need in life?

Michter’s 10 year single barrel rye

This pours a radiant amber gemstone, it has a nice caramel darkness to the center and appears older than its stated age without any “black back label” chicanery muddying the waters.

The nose is bakers spice, cinnamon, floral in a hibiscus and pepper sort of way but exhibits a restrained fusel profile. It exudes fall but remains welcoming enough for warm weather swerve, pushing kids off their bikes, eating that summertime ass. Typical rye-based endeavors.

The taste is a smattering of allspice, apple fritter, light oakiness, clove, a touch of peppermint and red fruit to the finish. It is endlessly drinkable and I wish I had the means to make this my go to, but these bottles get scooped hard and clock in around $175 on secondary these days so, poverty tier Four Roses single barrel oesk picks will have to do.

It is phenomenal and better than Saz18 in my opinion, but I am sure vas deferens will shatter at even mentioning such a proposition.

no photo of the two bottles side by side? man fuck this website

no photo of the two bottles side by side? man fuck this website

Michters barrel strength rye

Before this was even released, spirits enthusiasts has achy nipples at the $80 price tag and bemoaned the rising cost of Michters products. The saber rattling of “WE DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE THIS IS SOURCED FROM” resounded through leaky basements and katana sword collections.

Big salty alligator tears rolled down stretch marked mantits and people already decided that SAOS and Willett single barrel picks were a better deal before even trying this shit. BOOHOO UNNAMED SOURCING AND NO AGE STATEMENT, I cant even enjoy it, who cares if it is delicious I HAVE ALL THESE REASONS.  I DONT CARE IF WILLIE PRATT GAVE ME AN HJ DIRECTLY OVER THE ORIGNAL STILL I NEED INFORMATION BEFORE THINGS TASTE GOOD.

"I might like this rye, hang on let me Google more information about it before I decide if it tastes good"

“I might like this rye, hang on let me Google more information about it before I decide if it tastes good”

So what’s the real deal?

This pours even darker than the single barrel rye and seems to have a more syrupy consistency to the legs. This is oddly dark for the “projected” 8 year age (BRUH ITS REALLY A 4 YEAR CASK WOODFORD RYE D00D I CAN TELL) and looks like some of those geriatric teenager rye offerings. Before you start blubbering about MGP sourcing, chill the fuck out, while Michter’s is cagey about identifying anything THE BOTTLE SAYS KENTUCKY, relax.  Get drunk.  Stop being an incendiary dipshit.

The nose is more aggressive than the single barrel and pushes an agenda replete with pencil shavings, red hot candies, raspberry tannins, gingerbread, and crushed leaves. It is unquestionably bolder but even with the 56% abv, it never becomes cloying or even hints at warranting water.

The mouthfeel is far superior to the single barrel and leads with a syrupy mint and coriander, the oak is more pronounced and it has less of a holiday feel to it, offering instead sheets of pepper and spice. To balance things our there is a bit of marshmellow and faint sweetness, like 4ROBSK/high ryed bourbons in a way.  It feels like a tamer version of THH, or a more ballsy Saz18, hitting an Aristotelian golden mean well warranting the cost of entry in my opinion.



So which one is the turbo badass?

The m10 rye is certainly the more refined and overall more enjoyable rye. It has balance and poise, it needs no coddling and is perfect to slam right before a PTA meeting.  Try them both, or just talk shit and buy SAOS instead, I don’t give a fuck what you do with your money.

I have no business reviewing whiskey of any sort.  I barely finished my community college air conditioner repair associates degree.


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