@cyclebrewing Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on friiiiiiday

If you weren’t following along because you have a life or are attractive or don’t care about sugars extracted from malt via hot water: CYCLE BREWING RELEASED A NEW LOW COUNT FLORIDAWALEZBRO STOUT EVERY DAY FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. Ok well maybe just the weekdays, but after Huna day it isn’t like anyone wanted more stouts any way.

So this is cycle Friday, why friday? Because it sounded pretty legit and blended two of the prior days so I can be a prick like I could detect both, and no way I am trading for and drinking all them shits. Ain’t nobody got the liver or cellar for that. 


Peg’s Cycle Brewing, low count stoutsberg, FL

13%(?) abv, mixed media stout

This pours jet black and has a certain oiliness to the look with a mirror sheen like the way Prop just sits there uncaring of your life goals and dreams. The nose is waves of bakers chocolate, black cherry, roasty toasty rye bread, brownie batter and a sharp whiskey aspect on the finish.


The taste reminds me a lot of 2012 Parabola, aka the ROASTY OMG NOT SWEET vintage that everyone was bemoaning back then. That is to say, it is really tasty, it is replete with Hershey’s and butterscotch, a lingering roast hints at coffee aspects but never actually flicks the bean. The brownie batter has a fantastic sweetness to it and mama lets you lick the spoon. I am not going pull both sides of my nutsack and tell you it is a batwing: I can’t pick out the discrete barrels and that’s fine. It’s not a bat wing, then.

The creamy mouthfeel actually reminds me more of an imperial oatmeal stout but invariably some shitwaffle will chime in and tell me that there is no coffee or oat in this, the fucks Given are subplural and cannot be expressed in rational numbers.


I have a hard time saying a ton about this beer because it works well but fails to do anything really exceptional, or even better, fails to do anything completely shitty. The latter point is almost disappointing sometimes because then my lazy reviews are made even easier.


Should you trade for this? Sure if you want, your life will be fine. You won’t get hep c, but your kids won’t look upon you with detached revulsion if you miss it either. Parabola dropped almost the same week so it’s tough to really throw myself behind this, but invariably some weak draft line rider will decry trading as a practice and point to the absurdity of exploring new options and low bottle count stouts like this. That’s fine, but you can do far worse with your life than drinking a world class stout that resembles anther world class stout. You could start doing parkour or watching soccer nonironically. That is way worse than drinking limited stouts from Florida. If you own a pair of Soaps go throw them in a dumpster then get back to the ISO:Ft boards to lock down sickkkkkk multi component blended stouts.


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