@voodoobrewery Bourmuda Triangle, a crushable BA American barleywine for close minded basement dwellers

It would be an understatement to say that the newest run of Voodoo barrel aged releases have been contentious. The average person who covets fermented grain enjoys Vince Vaughn films and predictable pleasures. If you tell a group of husky ex-bandos that you aged a triple IPA in bourbon barrels they won’t greet you with piqued optimism. The vast majority of them repeated a tired line about hop freshness or reiterated something they read in Draft magazine and then ripped into a bag of Combos.

Close minded baby palates aren’t open to new things, and in this instance it is their downfall.


Voodoo Brewing, Pennsylvania

11% abv bourbon barrel aged TIPA

A: at the outset the “enjoy fresh” monicre is anomalous as this already was aged months in a barrel but I can only assume it was then dry hopped in the final stages or something to merge the wood and cone. That, incidentally enough, is the name of my forthcoming Botanist romance novel. The carb is on point and it looks like triple ipas you are already familiar with: knuckle sandwich, Hopslam, those malty sticky dark offerings that never appear refreshing. We all know that deep burnt orange, a monarch butterfly spotting warning of poisonous abv inside.


TFW a voodoo box lands.

The nose enters tropical and provides a pronounced hoppy blast of warrior/tomahawk, then subsides into a faded c-hop citrus. Luckily as the Grayson is falling from the trapeze it is caught by the blast of oak and toasted caramel. It is a weird hand off, but the two make a motley pair, like Johnny five and that INDIAN/not INDIAN scientist.

The taste pushes the barrel more prominently and delivers sugar daddies, toasted marshmallow, and a lightly herbal note of faded hops. If you have had fresh beers like Barrel aged Old Numbskull or BA Behemoth then you know what you are in for. It is herbaceous and woody with drizzling of caramel on the pine cones that somehow works.


Taking them voodoo pricks on the reg.

They did with this beer what they did with CAUTION!!! They took a préexisting style and tweaked it for their own amusement with delicious results. While caution was a thin barleywine with an baked pumpkin riff, this is essentially a crushable barrel aged american barleywine. For everyone fingering their prostates over barrel aged grat, this hits the same abdominal wall in much the same way. 

I went into this thinking it would be as shitty as bourbon ruination, but laying trust in those Voodoo boys and their exceptional barrel program served me well. It doesn’t always need to be ba stouts and barleywines AND NOTHING ELSE. So long as the experimentation yields delicious results, Brewers can do whatever they want.

Except Brewdog, Rogue, and Dogfish Head: their experimentation cards are temporarily revoked for crimes against fermentation.

Seek this out, you will not regret it. Plus, those PA traders are the new CA dipshits of the trade game, giving up 500 bottle count releases 2:1 for Propreeshitors hand over hamfist before they even try them. Flawless.


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