@propolisbrewing Beltane, gabf gold medal Brett beer that is actually an awesome ba saison. Imagine that.

Propolis brewing Beltane

7% barrel aged spelt saison

First let’s take a look at the commercial reach around:

“Spring floral nose, golden hue, crisp and creamy herbal smoothness, forest and farm buds, bright fruit undertones, tart rustic dry finish.”

I hate when the label is actually really accurate because it gives me jack shit to do as a rabble rousing commentator. While I used the chope for hilarious effect, the beer itself was a touch more amber than the radiant golden descriptors would indicate but still a pretty beer with a massive carbonated presence. My chope runneth over.

The nose is incredibly floral like that perfume Flowerbomb, if you have ever been to a second rate strip club, you know what that pink dust is redolent of. There’s a grassy profile like wet lawn and a celementine tartness to the closer. It’s ironic that this beer evokes spring and yard maintenance because the asshole who buys beers like this probably does zero gardening. MY HYDRANGEAS BULBS ARE SURFACING!

The taste is phenomenal and exists as this fantastic cross bar between ba logsdon seizoen Bretta and an imaginary saison d’erpeteau. It is creamy and silky, the lemon cascades with yogurt like a 50/50 bar and earthy musk. Why this won “ONG BEST BRETT BEER GABF” is beyond me when the Brett is hardly the most prominent characterisitic of this tasty joint.

This brewery makes some odd offerings like herbaceous gruits and all manner of organic madness, this unfortunately will appeal to even the most blunt palate and its deliciousness will pull these amazing bottles away from my rapacious man tits. The saison struggle is real.

Whenever people ask me if the saison was sour enough.


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