@moderntimesbeer Grooming Molars by modem tones, it has monstertonka and shiptrub hops

I have several questions about why a beer this delicious basically looks like a red ale. Why is there crystal malt up in this mix. Why are the delicious Citra and montueka hops muted by this malty sweetness. Why are these cans so damn hard to find. Why didn’t this entire paragraph have a single question mark.

Alright now that we sorted out the bad, let’s draw our attention to how God damn juicy and refreshing this beer is. It is crushable and refreshing and reminds me of a more tropical, albeit flabbier version of Just Outstanding. The dank alpha oils linger on long after the swallow, it feels more like a svelte triple ipa or a wonky unbalanced single ipa, like those old tymie bicycles. It cuts down other mediocre ipas like Butcher Bill and similarly leaves a lingering bitter taste in your mouth of the cold grave intensity that is the hoppy savagery of Daniel Alpha Lewis.

If you already have nocturnal emissions over what fortunate island did for the wheat beer sector, this is the next logical foray into that realm. Sold in four packs and, provided this gets its distro diapers in order, great things will be in store.

Stop frontin like you tried this before


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