Willett XCF, for when you want to pay 50% more for a bourbon that is 10% worse

It is a fantastic problem that, as a result of dipshits raiding all of the BTAC and buffalo trade perpy vern wernkler offerings, many incredible offerings turd it up on the shelf now. Willett 9 year rye for $90, just posted in the cut, not turning any heads. This is the opposite of that issue. In the attempts to get everyone jazzed up with secondary Casking, the ever increasing high priced retail offerings, and angels envy cask flying off the shelves in defiance of the price tag, this offering was born.

This is a $150 bottle of Willett aged in grand marnier casks and, while it is far better than angels envy cask, like AEC, you are better off saving that sperm bank scrill. 

It looks darker than the age would indicate, nice caramel and amber hues, that odd additional darkness that was present in the Corti Bros offering. I braced myself for that angels envy cask wave of disgusting tannins, but this nose is more sweet, slightly vinous, cinnamon, nutmeg, and of course that flambé Carmelized Orange. It smells nice but kinda all over the place, like how midsummer nights dram wanted to be a Kriek and a spirit at the same time. That kinda shit

The taste has a degree of heat to it and a sticky sweetness exhibiting red grape and raspberry, but seems to neglect the orange aspects in my opinion. It burns off that parlor trick and gets back to its Willett roots, dry, spicy, and a floral hibiscus closer.

It isn’t bad by any means and there’s not exactly a ton of readily available cheaper offerings out there but, if you are going this route and aren’t wed to the cask strength, just buy Angels envy rye or even regular ass AE for half the price.

It should be clear at this point that I have no business reviewing whiskey and I will try to keep these misguided ass posts to a minimum. Just some engagement shit to drive push bourbon Scrooges into this den of iniquity.


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