Thiriez Amber, they be thirieZ ass ratchets out there

So allaboutbeer magazine told me last month that this is the most influential brewery that no one knows about. No one.  It even multinational distributor Shelton brothers or the many many states they distribute this hoppy biere de Garde OH SHIT SORRY AMBER FARMHOUSE🏪🏩🏨🏬🏢🏦🏢.

Anyway, this wouldn’t be my go to for biere de gardes, it’s no sans cullottes, it isn’t my hoppy farmhouse choice either as long as de Ranke XX is around. It isn’t really heavily influential on the American saison scene as they are obsessed with lactic ultra acidic ph3 Saisons, I don’t understand why that article changed my life so hard.

This beer is tasty, intensely clean, amazing carb, caramel and walnut merged with creamy almond skins and a honey finish. It’s tasty but serving an odd, unread ground that perhaps isn’t for everyone. I can’t say I need these laid down in copious number, ever so often I may want a hoppy amber farmhouse, then I will go to my gynecologist.

Turnt the fuck up and ready for st paddys

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