@thebruery Geriatric Hipster Club, fire up the ovaltine and get to bed by 7 pm


This hoarders only beer was voted on by members, when asked which cocktail beer nerds wanted to see approximated, unsurprisingly they all voted for a manhattan. I wanted to see them use Gin barrels and make something truly apeshit, but instead we got this.

This is well inside the realm of their bourbon old ale wheel house, but it doesn’t really reinvent the game in terms of hitting the manhattan benchmark they set out to recreate.

If you had bourbon ba cuir, imagine a more attenuated version with candied orange peel and a lingering spice aspect. With the bourbon old ale base riffing from their anniversary beer half of the old fashioned sort of battle has been won, but in the closer there is a spice aspect where sweet bitters should be. Some would say a cherry or cocktail aspect is wanting to round out the profile.

In sum you have a slightly different analog of the bruery old ale you have put inside you so many times before and theres no compelling match the cost of entry on this forgettable entry.

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