So many new traders in this game before they put that tick flag in they back pocket imma need to see that resume


The best the west has ever seen, no disrespect to Calvin.

This 2001 disaster tasted like liquid cardboard and hits you harder than the rampart scandal. It is diacetyl in a way that makes green apple seem tame, this is limitless stomach acid and immediate gagging.

I traded for this, like on purpose. I couldn’t drink more than 3 ounces. This woke up out that coma 2001 same time Dre dropped 2001, I told vibe that working wih Hansens was a dream but then you realize how bad shit can get. This is Aaliyah and left eye wrapped up in one, you can’t recover from a beer this horrible just putrid ropey sickness and dead flat.

Look at this mess, it is darker than new castle. Almost died, thought I saw Eazy talking to jam master J, even wasting half this on a vedeo revue, still felt more infected than Eric Wright.

If Curtis Jackson still is holding on after some early 2000s shit, then maybe this mead can…nope…horrible.

Seriously so bad.


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