Regular BBomb. Watching Fremont flop, you got a better chance copping an early copy of Detox.


Harder than the Don’t shoot lineup.

Pull the rag off the 6-4 and pop a Fremont, those PnW kids got too much rain to appreciate how dope their own bottles are. Pop this in the club and tell the bottle girl to put that cheap ass Hypnotiq down. Tell your homies where these bottles are at, incredible old ale meets barleywine ale that PnW swappers are demanding that I stop promoting. They are too good and I am ruining it for everyone, trust me I know.

Charlie PapaZian passes the torch to me, I lit that DDB boil flame with it now the Beer world is my ash tray. I can’t in good conscience not tell people repeatedly to seek these out. Just short of bb4d, nothing is this good.

Pure and simple, nWa in bottle form, bourbon barrel aged flava flav with a wrist watch.


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