@oddsideales Barrel aged morning wood, firing up that Xmas Yule log a touch early


Oddside has turned out consistent, tasty , approachable beers and their barrel aged program is steadily ramping up to top tier stuff. Their price point is absurd for the sheer quality and no one seems to want a sandpaper tongue BJ just to get their tasty wares.

This bottle is no exception. It is thin in the same vein as the CWXX and Central waters lineup, but still provides enough punch in the mouthfeel and mid palate that you don’t really have a valid grounds for complaint.

The taste is intensely roasty, deep char to the coffee, smoky vanilla bean, graham cracker and a dry espresso finish. It is like the kid brother to ba speedway, a skinnycow of the massive coffee stout world that delivers without leaving you with swollen udders.

In sum, a fantastic ba coffee stout to have on deck that isn’t quite on that BCBCS level, but it really doesn’t need to be. It does it’s own thing, is not a commitment to pop open, you can leisurely sip it while you cruise your eharmony account.

While not the best in the game, many redeeming factors that make it worth your time. People are straight extraing these awesome beers, beer game is str8 cray


Chocolatey shameful gourmand excellence.

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