OEC Zymatore aged in moscatal barrels, Switzerland, Connecticut, international balling and blending.


Ok so let me try to give you a grasp on how wonderful and odd this old barrel aged zymatore is. So it ostensibly started in Switzerland with Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien – BFM (Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes), you might recognize those dusty old biere de gardes of innumerable vintages sitting on the shelf due to their $28 price tag. Plus, most of these new tickers only pay top dollar for adjunct stouts and haven’t figured out what a biere de garde is at this point, thank god.

Ok so now we have these Connecticut ballers, OEC Brewing (Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores), who are they? Well while their name is not grammatically correct Latin SICK BURN, they note: Our brewery is not the creation of a sole individual rather an Order of individuals. Ideals, techniques and ingredients come from places as near as the orchard to more than 1,900 leagues aways.

The fuck does that mean? No clue. Will investigate further.

So from this I am guessing they sourced the original biere de garde and united it in a blend of these moscatal casks thousands of miles away. Who knows.

The batch size was 350 liters so you know these hot massive distro just falling off the shelf at Binny’s.

The look is that amber muddier pallor of a biere de garde with faint brick red and a turbid red hue. Awesome carbonation and gentle soapy cling.

The nose is exceedingly complex, taking the solid malty base of the BdG and building a lightly tannic Pinot noir meets sherry, figs, currant and bruised peach. Lightly acetic in the closer akin to very old rodenbachs.

The taste is incredibly vinous and has a chocolate and plum aspect to the closer that again is dizzying in execution. It never loses it’s focus and maintains the distinct Belgian yeast, faint cherry tartness and a tannic closer like port wine. It is phenomenal and highly worthy of some mouth time. Give this some mouth hugs, you know you need more biere de garde check ins on Untappd you sans culotte drinking ticker.

But srs, this is god damn phenomenal, dry, tart, and a musky light oxy profile make this highly crushable as well. Put that in your tongue tongue sticky sticky yum yum


I don’t know who made this, but I will find you.

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