Eagle Rare 17, He switched from rum to whiskey, bang bang.


Actually I don’t know shit about rum so that is a bit of a canard. I was gonna do another CLASSIC cagematch, but the differences wouldn’t make for a lot of yukyuks as the difference between the 17 and the poverty tier 10 are more nuanced. This is one of the proofed down; not even cask strength , stepped on product from btac.

At first blush it feels like, do you not trust us btac? Can we not be trusted to water things to our own preference. That diminutive spearmint asshole sazerac 18 waiting in the wings with baited breath. Despite the seemingly unremarkable breakdown, this juice shines like Cuba in Radio. It looks fantastic and, like it’s poverty tier cousin er10, it looks radiant and wouldn’t give clues to its serious age.

The nose has a fantastic balanced waft to it of caramel, light toastiness, nougat, vanilla, and some coconut. It just seems so tame and approachable that it creates an anomalous situation where you ask: who is this for? Entry level baby palates won’t pay $300 for this shit, they’ll stick to the basic tick version. Bourbon ballers deep in the game will just move on to the gts or WLW, so who can this middle ground of Kate Middleton refinement be made for? Wealthy Asian foodies. That’s my most likely/tacitly racist explanation.

That’s not to say this isn’t amazing, it is. You get a gentle, manageable experience of sweetness, faint clove and leather, toasted creme brûlée, and a closer like peanut brittle. It is wonderful; but there are plenty other blended offerings that cost far less.

This is for the dude who gets the cayman r, that person isn’t hardcore but wants people to know of his/her refined tastes, even if they aren’t exactly economical. It is crushable and a “session” bourbon because it is so delicious and tame that you can drill it in the same manner as pappy 15/20 without contemplation. That’s not exactly perfect praise, though. Most would consider a spirit worthy of reflection to be a laudable quality. This is just a simple pleasure, that happens to be wildly expensive, like getting your dick sucked by a clown.

I can’t knock this for not being more outrageous or less expensive, but in the canon of the btac ballers, it certainly is far from the most interesting.


Ok maybe the cheaper alternatives aren’t EXACTLY as good.

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