@tiredhandsbeer You are the Emptiness, no you are. No you. Ur a FUKN null set.


By this point you probably have lost track of all these Ardmore releases, each one less empty than the last. Unless you have an encyclopedic knowledge of farmhouses, you will probably mix up a few of these consistently awesome bottles. Well line up for the big spoiler: this one is also amazing and brings the heat with peaches this time.

So first object of contention is the classification of this beer as a “saison” when it is decidedly more wild ale, but that tired discussion need not be further discussed lest my hands become tired in the transmission. Regardless, it is unsurprisingly stellar much in the way that every prior release has been consistently puckering, complex, and delicious.

The look is that classic Ardmore sunny delight water with generous carb billowing to fill the expanse of the wanting glass. The webbing clings and drapes sticky garlands of residual foam.

The nose is muskier than the other entries and presents a pleasant peach profile akin to fruit leather and haribo peach rings. There’s a touch of attic/sawmill funk that lovingly embraced the refined ph profile. It never wafts in an acrimonious way and you could huff this like carpenters glue under an overpass.

The taste is the middle of the road for the emptiness series, presenting stone fruit, farmers market floral blossom, a faint jolly rancher sweetness and a dryness that actually boosts drinkability in a massive way. It isn’t as sour as the persimmon but is more aggressive than the grape, the Tiptup of this Diddy Kong sour race. Balanced and the least remarkable in the classic sense that in it’s moderation it shines by hitting that Aristotelian G spot, that golden mean all day long.

While not as tart or over the top as Parageusia II, I feel this one is well worth your time and you won’t need alkaline tablets afterwards for your gamgam tummy.

Seek this one out, or wait a few weeks for a new fruited version to drop. You gotta use that $2000 gift card at the brew pub somehow. Why are you reading this, you should be down at he brewpub decorating their tired hands tree for them.

Drink more Saisons you lazy asshole.


WHEN IS THIS COLLABO GOING DOWN? That’d be the PA voltron.

Voodoo is also invited to my fan fiction erotica collabo brewfest.

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