@hangar24brewery Chandelle, them apricot sours got my pits aching


If you were around in 2012, you might rememeber very single fucking brewery releasing a stone fruit sour in the fourth quarter: persica, v010, Chandelle, Fantasia, the list goes on.

This beer was criminally overlooked in the first release and skeptical naysayers bristled at the prospect of this being rebrewed in the same spirit. Fear not because batch 2 is ultra ratchet getting all the THOTs wet. The carb billows out in cumulus foam that subsides quickly revealing a radiant pineapple juice brilliance.

The nose is Odwalla gang bang extravaganza, clementines, cuties, apricots, a sharp acidity and muskiness like Brie rind.

The taste is more acidic and tart than b1 and it subsequently foregoes the sweetness of the original but repays that debt with a fantastic puckering the makes your o ring clench. It hits your lower mandible like apricot carpet bombs, crackling those bicuspids and drying the mid palate.

There is no real hype or steam behind this release and it is perfect for the taking, that nexus where taste far out scales public knowledge. Maybe a touch too low on the ph scale to lay a 750 to rest, or maybe I need to stop clapping my tits together and drink more beer.


Apricot cankersores always Worf it

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