Parkers Heritage Collection 8, I just pop wheaterz and cover my head with a Raider hood, sippin PHC8 in that city that made these weak tickers afraid of Suge.


A 13 year wheater with that 127 proof first run, not that Boosie 126.8 weak second bottling. Well hot damn, 51% wheat and the baller ass Bernheim profile to boot, things are becoming real in and around the field.

This looks great and admittedly looks a lot older than 13, and other iconic pedophile defenses. It is a touch darker than some of the younger wife wheaters but looks the part nicely.

I suspect people slept on this initially since phc7 was essentially just a baller version of Elijah Craig for three times the price. But god damn, the nose on this alone is gonna get those secondary values tumescent. The wheat gives it this butterscotch, werthers original, mallow and coconut. The waft is there on a deep inhale with a mild fusel burn with a deep huff.

The taste follows suit and keeps things legit with an initial caramel aspect that gives way to a creme brûlée shell and skor bar. The proof is distinctly barrel strength and is present on larger sips, it is a touch hot and I would suspect most people would give this a capful and then cheat on their wives because adding water to this is for cowards and ingrates.

If you can’t afford the crazy markup that WLW commands, this is the next best thing in that realm and it costs half as much as the infinitely more blasé lot b offerings at this point.

Let the foodie dipshits quibble over name brands, I will be loading wheat rounds up in this Chiquita.


Whiskey rides never last long enough, or way too long and you don’t make it where you wanna be


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