Pugachev 2014 (18.9%), puga25, puga Royale, puga on cherry vanilla, puga rye. This really needed to be photographed


Rank em meat tits:

1. Royale: consistently incredible. Nimble and bone dry, less vanilla and more rum caramel and cognac notes. God tier stout

2. Puga25, a touch hot and drying but complex with a depth and tannic oakiness to it not found in many stouts

3. Puga rye: crackly and spicy, hasn’t mellowed a bit and still lively and ultra bright, underscored by a mallowfoam and toffee brittle closer

4. Puga14. Makes regular BT seem flabby when this svelte dancer drops bone dry cocoa and graham cracker meets dr pepper in a thin closer. A marvel. Best vintage to date. I expected a saccharine sugar bomb and it’s easily the most dynamic and carries a fusel closer as a result but never approaches cloying

5. Cherry and vanilla: this is fun and pointless. The cherry is poorly integrated and reminds me of sucrets. The vanilla seems derivative and artificial and it is somehow worse than th sum of it’s parts.

REviews: now exceedingly terse and laconic


TFW you drink 19% abv stouts and need to pick your child up from Saturday school.

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