Peg’s/Cycle Brewing Double Chocolate Bourbon DOS, C:/runpath_SWEET/stouts/insulin.DLL

Wallet game on point, racks in the front of them EVISUs

Wallet game on point, racks in the front of them EVISUs

Back in 2011, Rare DOS was tearing up the trade boards, well unilaterally in a series of unanswered requests.  Like all those unanswered wishes for new Sklyander toys from shit head children, people simply couldn’t land that on site only libation.  Back in those days I gave up a 2010 Kate the Great 22oz (Kate the Great is a port spiral aged stout people used to give a fuck about) just for an illicit bootleg swingtop acquired in a questionable manner.  THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Boy how things change.  Since then we have seen NOONERS out the ass, infected RareRRR dos, bottled DOS, and all kinds of pageantry.  So what is the deal with this bad ratchet?  All the fuckboiz on the block want anything in the lineage of a proud line of sugar water, so this should be no different.  This is Rare DOS but in Prtichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon barrels.  So what happens when you take beer you want and mix it with a spirit you would never drink? Pretty much exactly what you expect.

Whenever Xzibit would take someone’s Civic, he would be like “yo I herd u like FISH dawg” and then the owner would notice that he now has a fish tank in his daily driver. The WUTTT is palpable.  That’s kinda how this beer is.  The base beer and treatment are already very tasty, and the addition of this extra chocolate infusion results in a sort of redundant cocoa mess that you would have to be srs CooKOO for Stouty puffs to enjoy.  The nose is all brownie batter, bakers chocolate, sticky sweet Magic Shell, and Mr. Goodbar.  The barrel profile is muted because of this Gene Wilder chocolate extravaganza going on that throws things all out of balance.  It isn’t a deal breaker but it’s like when beautiful full B cups are needlessly mutilated with gawdy DD implants.  The natural blessings attendant to balance and grace are maligned in the attempts to augment in excess.

The taste isn’t quite as sweet as you would expect but this entire lineage of DOSeses aren’t exactly toasty roast bombs.  There is a touch more of the barrel profile and some vanilla and mounds bar, but again its just cocoa dust, confectioners chocolate, a relatively thin mouthfeel spreading that all around and twisting some chocolate nips.  If you want your Brooklyn Chocolate Stout on full swole, this is the HGH brew you have been seeking.  It isn’t exactly bad, but it is deficient to the pre-existing archetype you probably already enjoy.

It’s not like anyone is gonna give two fucks any way after this Friday.  All of the basic bitch tickers put their lives on hold to score hundred thousand bottle nationally distributed walezes.

TFW u skull a huge chocolate stout  solo and then change your eharmony information to "DRINKS: OFTEN"

TFW u skull a huge chocolate stout solo and then change your eharmony information from “SOCIALLY” to “DRINKS: OFTEN”

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