@crookedstave Petite Sour Blueberry, vastly better than the passion fruit with loads of berries and tannins. Delicious stuff.


Like the passion fruit this is incredibly clean and intensely refreshing like an ocean spray cocktail. Unlike the passion fruit, this exhibits massive juicy fruit and tart tannins like a bunch of Syrah barrels burst inside of a Smuckers factory.

The mouthfeel is incredibly thin and nimble never leaving too jammy of a presence but offering a dry tartness and an oaky finish like a crisp Chardonnay. It could stand to be a touch more substantial in the grist since the Brett profile finishes so low that it can feel limp wristed in its punch. Thankfully the berries add depth and make this beer perfect for warm weather or extravagant sessioning if you are fucking loaders

One of the best releases from CS this year, shouldering with Brett d or grand cru and cherry grand cru. And oddly enough, generous ass CO traders flip these like silver dollar pancakes. I will never understand their generosity and sheer high quality, limited beers. It’s like the beer game ten years ago when this shit used to be fun. Colorado is still having plenty of fun, somehow. There’s no horrible releases, no auction trades, no instawhales, no famous assholes you can readily cite from the area.

I am blaming the weed and high altitude. This beer is really damn good though, enough patting CO on the back.


DDB staff recommendation.

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