Willett Rye 4 Year, crackly pepper, sweet toasted creme brûlée and a prickly novocaine finish. Tasty stuff.


This is a touch too spicy for my tastes and my baby palate wants a bit more candy store sugar daddy saccharine succor. The pepper notes give a slight deadening aspect on the tongue and warms along the bitter zone, but it is comforting in a weird way. These 85 degree autumn nights are fit for some outside lounging and chronic dehydration. This rye makes you feel like you can do some serious Faulkner shit but you are secretly a gourmand Tennessee Williams at heart who will drop after a single hammer strike to the bridge of the nose.

The spirit is that hammer strike and it deals hot slugs to your palate, but there is a modicum of relaxation in the punishment, I still dig it and could have several pours of this and leave my kids at day care until 9pm talking all about how I got a flat tire. You know how it do.

I would recommend this but again, I have no idea how expensive these bourbons are so, who the fuck am I right?

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