@sideprojectbrew Blanc de blancs, gonna have Pinot Grigio and some green apple and Gouda fondue and dish with the girls at the office.


Tonight we’re gonna drink Pinot Grigio spritzers and talk shit on our one friend who isn’t here because seriously, Madison can be such a bitch.

But in all seriousness, this is intensely white grape and white wine forward so, knowing that, you better love them summer vintages going into this. This reminds me of an imperial Confessions, except this is just more aggressive and well done in m opinion. The nose is Granny Smith apple, tart lemon rind , wheatgrass, Gouda, and a biting acidity like underripe kumquats. The white grape is present on the nose but again, it just smells like you need a safety word before zipping the mouth hole closed on this vinous leather mask.

I am shooting blancs the whole time, dropping grapey loads.

The taste is like if you made an iced version of Beatification, maintained all that summer sun intensity on the nectarine and tangerine and then added a sidecar full of Riesling goodness along for the ride. A 375 of this heavy hitter is plenty to make your gum line let people know it fell into a door and maybe everyone should just mind their gosh darn business. The lemon and sour apple notes just work your bicuspids over with a bicycle chain in that fulfilling manner that only $2000 and a night at the ramada can fulfill. The tasty punishment you come back for, and expense to the company account as entertainment.

The mouthfeel is intensely dry and puckering like you got menopause wasted on Chardonnay and maybe told the supervisor his ass looks good in Dockers, the regrets run rampant but secretly you love the white grape, that liberating acidity letting people know hey just because you drive a RAV4 doesn’t mean you aren’t sexy and can’t treat yourself sometimes.

Overall. A novel and very good beer with a vicious profile unlike any others out there currently. This is worthy of your consideration if you need to bridge the gap with an underage sorority girl but loooooooves going to Napa like are you for real right now.


NEVR 4get

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