@fiddleheadbrew Fiddlehead Mastermind, a sticky resinous romp of pretty legit proportions


Tickers will not stfu about this beer and Carton 0077xxxwwxwxw. Nowadays if you put a dipa in a can you are the FUKN man in the streets like you just stood tall on a 5 year bid. Invariably a dipa in a can solicits off base Heady comparisons and, while this is leagues away from heady, I can see this servicing the Va boys nicely beside some inland bodies of water, muggy chewy air and protozoan bugs filling the atmosphere beside the recreational river beds.

But how does it taste? It is a touch vegetal at the outset and doesn’t lead with an ultra citrus front but it sublimates into this sticky grassy fresh cut lawn aspect that faded to a piney adventure. It isn’t overly malty but fails to really stand out in any aspect beyond being a clean, well integrated dipa on the easy coast swagger from the late 2000s. People who loves through those Double Trouble days understand my feels.

Awesome extra. Nothing you should give a roadside Beej for tho.

Not many beers you should be fellating people for, regardless of venue.

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