@alsofhampden Pizza Boy Afternoon Delight, my mottos always been when it’s right it’s right.


After the excessively acidic romp with Intangible, I was suspect of this Berliner offering, praying the ph gods would take mercy on my gentle baby palate. No need to worry here, this is not only incredibly balanced, but it is also crushable and intensely tasty.

It exhibits a mineral wets lightly brackish aspect that segues into a lemon grassy and Wheaty grist that has a touch of that milky creaminess and closes with a hard ass water profile, streaking the teeth with fresh ass alkalines. Again, a 750ml is almost insulting because you will like this down like sheet rock and if they sold this in cans it would be akin to violating federal laws by printing currency.

It straddles just below the Southampton uberliner and a touch more substantial than something like Deaf Stewart. In other words, it is in good company and well suited to serve as an awesome flagship beer for this stelae brewery.

Not sure if this was supposed to be onsite only. Sorry Al.


Will not climax to a berline-

I need some tissues.

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