El Segundo Power Plant is a phenomenal example of a TIPA, a style i usually rank somewhere near Roggenbiers


Usually these offerings are a malt curious hoppy offering still experimenting with their oily orientation. Am I an American barleywine? Who knows. This TIPA knows what the fuck is going on. Clean, nimble, intensely oily and resinous like floral fragrant bong water from the stickiest of ickies, this doesn’t push the vegetal aspects too hard and instead has a fantastic grapefruit and tangelo rind closer to it that dries and keeps the fusel notes from being fussy.

It is a touch away from RPM and PtY but it still impresses and stands out as el segundos best offering to date. The first bottle I would legit say “seek out” in lieu of “ask for as an extra.” If that delineation makes any sense.

Shocking I know, a TIPA that is actually moderately refreshing, someone call Knee Deep brewing ASAP.


Just because it is massive doesn’t mean it can’t result in straight comfort.

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