@pizzaboybrewing Pizza Boy Intangible, that naked bottle desnuda deviant. Holy acidic tangerine in a radiant containment unit.


I have been seeking these god damn pizza boy bottles for years. Back in 2012 “afternoon delight” which was apparently a saison then according to ba, hit the top saison list. I even emailed the owners of Al’s of Hampden and shook the alms cup to review one of those bottles and straight up got the heisman. As I well should, indigent ass DDB pleading for charity.

So anyway, this beer tears acidic ass all over the place like sour in the rye kumquat, intensely puckering but a touch of gritty gristy keeping things from redlining too hard, them VTEC revs. It is endlessly tangerine and tastes like those translucent orange jolly ranchers and adds a massively citrusy Jamba Juice fruity pith like lemon zest.

The musk is absent but you know, that’s fine because this delivers so hard on that grapefruit and stone fruit aspect that you feel like it’s just straight tart sorbet. Flaming fury nods approvingly from the rafters as the young prodigy turns a tight pirouette those tight tangerine calves pulsing with power and pushing the limits of balance until…

It sticks the landing coated in intense pithy orange rinds.


it’s almost that time of year.

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