The Dudes’ Brewing, never before have I been so categorically disappointed by a brewery’s entire lineup.


I get that different breweries service different markets and differing palates. I get that.

Notwithstanding, this brewery serves the Torrance community well in that the tasting room is packed, the beer is priced well, and if you aren’t a condescending asshole, you will probably tolerate their offerings.

If you don’t give a dog’s dick about beer in general, the can glasses are probably cute and you will enjoy the large servings and go home to watch King of Queens or some shit.

That being said, DDB is clearly not their market. Their only tolerable offering was their flagship beer, Double Trunk, which is kinda like a maltier more trifling version of Double Jack. That’s where the fun times end and the scrotum stretching begins.

The session IPA had a latex meets DMS waft to it that you hope would discontinue at the nose but the taste is a cloying rubber meets vegetable like you tried to inflate a life raft with your mouth.

They had a blood orange brown ale with cocoa nibs and vanilla bean, and this is where things get really dicey, at first I thought they completely nailed a butterscotch and- oh fuck that is diacetyl. There is no way that beer doesn’t have a virulent colony of see’s candy bacteria just tearing ass all over this Funky Buddha Shasta brew.

The kolsch was innocuous and forgettable, which is a saving grace all things considered.

I better white wash this some how, the staff was friendly and attentive, super nice, very knowledgeable and the facility was large and had a nice layout with the impressive canning line in full view. There were several red faced patrons who seemed to enjoy the blood orange brown ale very much.

And I am an asshole.

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