@santeadairius Stenciled Pages, this is a post-final boss tier of loot my palate rarely encounters. Low drop rate, intense buffs. Incredible beer.


There is a tired pejorative in the farmhouse world that is casually applied to basically anyone pushing Saisons “oh that’s Hill Farmstead lite.”

I don’t think that moniker either flatters HFS nor is it appropriate for the vast majority of exceptional farmhouse beers coming out these days. Notwithstanding, I don’t know anyone who could in clear conscience opine that this world class beer is LITE anything.

No one is shocked that a blend of god tier Saisons produces a Thanos earth ending infinity gauntlet of rustic power. This isn’t exceedingly acidic and provides a gentle orange Julius creaminess that pairs perfectly with an apricot and wheat grist. The mouthfeel is the absolute star here and just short of Ete and Ann, I can’t recall a beer that does it this well. That’s not to say the beer itself isn’t ba cellarman meets the awesomeness of cask 200, it is, but the composition fallacy is not in play here as the blend is greater than the sum of its components. It is simply an outstanding beer without any real analog.

Some might say it is akin to Anna other could say it’s a frothier ba cellarman. It has a touch of the dryness of Art, but again this stands on it’s own in execution even beyond the scope of the noteworthy Sara beers im within their already stellar catalogue.

I have had a few Saisons in my day and this is decidedly one of the absolute best, without question.


My saison urges cannot be restrained. I will seek these offerings without respite.

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