@tiredhandsbeer the emptiness is not eternal, but this saison erection is


This is like the “juuuuust right” porridge in the scope of the emptiness series. My personal favorite was the persimmon but this is the middle group and it lovingly grips your hand and takes you for a stroll around the musky roller rink. It is spec’ed out like Iron Man In marvel vs capcom 2, some solid air to ground, a touch of acidity, a bit of armor and musk, you can chain combo hard. Everyone who doesn’t 1v1 online lost? Ok cool.

So the nose has straight peach and apricot In a real deal Holyfield way. Not that sticky air heads and corn syrup, I mean farmers market and finger blasting a vegan while listening to Phish bootlegs: straight organic peaches and wildflower. If you have ever aged the fuck out of a Pissenlit, then amped up the acidity, you have this beer. The taste goes to the flavor pawn shop and swaps that fruit profile for a touch of acidity like handling leather boots at a thrift shop, except the boots are dipped in pineapple juice. This isn’t as overt and focused as the other fruit forward emptiness offerings but I really need to underscore just how fucking amazing these beers are as a series. You can add anything to Flora short of beef tartare and it will still be china white, this is much the same way. If you craft a base beer that is putting up those Calvin Broadus numbers, don’t be shocked if tickers end up on death row for trying to Suge one another for bottles.

I have dipped my ladle too deep Into the adjective bucket and now I find myself banging on ineffective similes and imagery that doesn’t capture the delicate balance between acidity and gentle chewy Wheaty grist. If this was a more flawed beer or if it was blunt or heavy handed in a way, more rusty nails could snag my palate, it is too smooth and too nimble. Just get it inside of you.

Some breweries just hand you way too much firepower, it makes sniping the rest of the beer game way too easy.

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