@thebruery mash is absolutely delicious this year, shameless apologist or not. Really tasty.


I felt that the b1 of mash was already a sleeper hit like Parasite Eve, the people who knew were all about it. This takes the prior awesome mashy goodness and improves upon the picayunes I previously cradled like a negligent mother.

If the prior batch hovered closer to the English babw mark in the spirit of caramel and molasses, this batch falls closer to the Mother of All Storms pin with a touch of oakiness and light bittering on the finish. It’s a slicker and lightly roasted version of kuhnhenn bbbw with surprisingly clean and nimble execution for all the beetus jokes those 2013 ticker experts love to parade out like weathered battered circus animals. This is really tasty though, real talk, a vast improvement on last year’s already tasty b1, this goes in hard.

If ba old numbskull is top aggro and you don’t like Sucaba’s red wine molest, this is an amazing medium and you can squeeze on them malty titties in the back row of the barleywine theater. You didn’t want to see Boyhood anyway.

Get this, drill this, tell all your friends. Obtain locker room high fives.

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