@tiredhandsbeer Parageusia2: the return: the revenge: reloaded: son of legacy: turbo: revolution: afterlife: Forever II.


I already have presentedy ultra prolix imagery replete with tangential timelines, biblical references and chronoshifting, so let’s just get down to red vining already.

This looks darker and maintains an apricot and tangerine radiance with the same frothy substantial carb. Out the gates and in the glass this is far more aggressive aromatically. There’s a waft of sharp pedio and acidity like kumquat and lime, the whole thing leans on a nectarine closer with less musk and more outright acrimonious temperament through and through. It just seems more substantial and angry, like when your stepdad came back from jail and kept telling you to “SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST BOY!”

The taste is ramped up in ever way and loses a good deal of balance subtlety. The acidity and pineapple takes a pricking gum line degree of fuckery, the dryness goes HAM and I see Sensodyne stock into future. It is admittedly more fruit and guava with tropical aspects, except they are massive State Farm tropical aspects that crush any gentle farmhouse pretenses that may have previously been harbored in the first Parageusia installation. If p1 was a guy complimenting a girl on different colored irises, p2 oils it’s traps up in the bar and gets to flexing. I mean, both are getting an acidic parking lot HJ, it just depends on the type of company you want to keep.

The mouthfeel is biting but leaves a fantastic lingering oak and pedio aspect like the first Emptiness w persimmon that I loved. If you prefer you wild ales closer to the Upland end of things and less an Allagash affair, p2 is probably that tart Hayabusa you have been seeking. Go do fruity burnouts in her driveway, show her what your BALs contain in no uncertain terms.

That is the parageusia2 way.


Some people get all up in arms seeking the lowest ph possible. It is all relative to the total execution, so I can’t be bothered for a single fuck to give. Beers are larger than the sum of their acidity and ibus and abvs and FGs. It’s all about c’ing all over your b’s.

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