@tiredhandsbeer I see a darkness, Surly is firing up them C&D letters I’m sure. Psyche.


Man, I know my readers are sick of hearing me rag on sour stouts/ porters, but they really need to be exceptional to stand the test of palate division.

So how is this tart chocolatey honeysuckle? The answer has one of those Sammy Sosa asterixes where it is tasty relative to a completely nuanced and delicate genre. The nose is a touch brackish with a waft of honey and floral notes which are almost immediately obfuscated by a dominant chocolate aspect.

The water profile is hard as lesbian nipples at a Playtex convention and as a result, those roasty notes linger onnnnnn and then immediate tartness like a Pinot noir and bakers chocolate cascade over one another vying for dominance. This collision can work, like with nebulous prunus or cd4. But here, it is too polarizing on both sides for my tastes. Those leaned toward a straight sour saison or wild ale but this grips the porter reins firmly and rides that chocolate pony hard like Ginuwine. People who jock Tart of darkness will enjoy this more substantial version, so long as they want that porter toast as a sidecar to the dry tannic aspects.

Overall, pretty tasty and well done, just not up my alley, but it does tongue my bicycle spokes.

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