2009 Blue Moon Grand Cru, it has more cru notes than it did 5 years ago.


I popped this dusty geriatric macro expecting massive let down, and let’s be clear, this wasn’t some flavor revelation, but it shockingly wasn’t nearly as cock-stomping as anticipated. It has the flabby orange and coriander, muddy complexion, the turbid waft of oxy and faded spices but it is worlds better than regular ass blue moon because of the oxidation present. What previously was a stupid grocery store gimmic you give to your “BEER friend” has actually unintentionally developed a light cardboard and musk from the sheer breakdown of the initially horrible character, but now is like the sage old groundskeeper who has seen some shit in his day. Like actual shit. Children have no control over their bowels and scatological play is par for the age and this beer.

Don’t go seeking this out, this is a comedy beer website and we gotta keep things in perspective. It is mediocre, but still better than some craft offerings from recent memory.


When the fuck is a banana NOT to-go?

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