LEIDEL’S BRETT CIDER Levi funk Taking the Pepsi challenge, apple bottom bottles ticks with the fur


But for reals, that Leidel’s cider is the best cider I have ever had in my life. It is better than many many beers I have tried and leans closer to an American wild out of the crooked stave play book with it’s intense amazing musky Brett nose redolent with leather, rug, earthy wet leaves and a tannic apple skin like a fine Riesling meets Fuji apple goodness.

It is exceedingly clean and finishes crisp without a cloying sticky sweet aspect, it is a cider I don’t need to share and is limitlessly crushable. I shared this with a couple guys who can’t stand sticky sweet cider and it was unanimously the best bottle we opened last night. This isn’t those reluctant “alright I’ll try this new saccharine mead I guess” type of extra, this is something you independently seek out and build a trade around. It is completely unlike any other cider I have had and creates an entirely new market and genre for those who may be prejudiced against those sorority sweet crispin offerings

Seek this out seriously.


Oh yeah and fuck Redd’s. Martinellis mixed with popov. Horrible.

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