Big Tiddy Assassin, Three Floyd’s continue their proud tradition of diacetyl and movie popcorn purée with their new wild offering.


As if the naming wasn’t unfortunate enough to overshadow this substandard rodenbach clone, the taste will handle that for you quickly enough. It isn’t exceptionally sour, you don’t really get that awesome cherry and Flanders aspect to it, but wait, what you get in return is the finest Indiana pond water this side of the Dow chemical plant.

It is intensely thin with no heft or acidity to the mouthfeel and falls closer in execution to a straight red ale and has no redeeming complexity beyond the simplicity of the drinkability. There is an overwhelming diacetyl aspect that lingers like land o lakes butter and apple jolly ranchers. In lieu of acidic dryness this has a faint greasiness to the closer that is off putting and only gets worse as it warms.

I don’t know who this beer is for, I guess you can’t make incredible sour beers if your stout and hoppy game is on point. It is a rule or something.


This beer is strange and disturbing

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