@sideprojectbrew Side Project Oude Fermier, a marginal improvement over regular world class Fermier. Which means, wildly good.


It is tiresome just deep throating all of Cory King’s recent offerings and wish he would drop another adjunct stout to bring my impartial credibility back but, here we are.

How is this different from regular ass/ highest rated saison in the world/ baller as fuck Fermier? The short answer is, both are exceptional, one has a more authentic depth and musky complexity and the other is an exceptional lactic banger.

This has a wonderful musk to it like yellow gushers rolled in solara bread crumbs, a leathery funk that platforms a wonderful lemon and grapefruit aspect that toes the line closer to vigneronne than any Vapeur musk, it is decidedly more lambic than traditional Belgian saison in dismount.

The real show here is the god. Damn. Mouthfeel. Holy shit. This is exceedingly light and crushable with a creamy lemon peel and peppercorn that closes dry with a Chardonnay and oaky vanilla swallow. Heavy loads.

All I am doing to adding fuel to these Midwest assholes and their rapacious trade requests. Love this beer but fuck them. Always.

My musk and fog allergies are acting up

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