@sideprojectbrew Black and Wild, Finally an underwhelming overhyped offering from the Midwest.


Alright, recently I was hoping to god for a Side Project offering to kick me in the cock and take some coal out of the hype train: and here it is.

Every offering recently has been a riff on their Missouri [insert topical Ferguson reference] wild culture. This isn’t bad per se, in fact it is a well CRAFTED beer that just fails to deliver for me. Others loved it but that acidity from the cherries is a deal breaker for me and the chocolate malt just looks on whole I get the shit beat out of me behind the lockers.

The massive oud bruin aspect takes a acetic aspect that everyone shits all over the Bruery and HotD for embracing. This is a more polished tart of darkness and still works, but not to the capacity that the other recent SP pedigree has established. I would like to see the cherry dialed in without the massive roast and chocolate, it’s like cherry cordials dipped in barefoot merlot.

Again, some people loveeeee this, but this goes beyond the “don’t trade for it” into the “not worth itttt” realm especially when coupled with the steep ass cost of entry. I gave up an Armand and tomme+ for this and the average landlocked dumb shit would convince me I got a massive deal.


Trade for this and get boxtrolled

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